December 22, 2021

Winter weather is on the way, take steps now to prepare — on and off campus

Reliable sources say winter is coming. Here are some ways to prepare.

Campus Snow Day

A January, 2018 snow at VUMC. Photo by Susan Urmy

As winter approaches, it’s time again to prepare for colder weather and icy conditions. Preparing in advance can help to keep you and your family safe and warm.

Here are some quick safety and resource reminders for both work and home:

Get your car winter ready. Getting your car tuned up is a proactive way to ensure safety when driving on the road. Check items like tires and windshield wipers for wear and tear and if necessary, replace them.

Stock your car with the essentials. If snow or ice cause traffic incidents, having the following items will provide protection while you wait:

  • Half tank of gas
  • Ice scraper
  • Extra cold weather clothes and blankets
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Water and non-perishable food
  • Reflectors
  • Portable phone charger
  • Bag of sand/cat liter

Update your family plan. Severe weather can cause school/work closings that impact your typical schedule. Create a plan and talk it about it with your family. Learn about what to include in your plan here.

Understand VUMC Alerts. VUMC’s Emergency Preparedness team monitors weather throughout the week and will send out appropriate communications through VUMC Alerts to keep employees updated on latest conditions.

  • Yellow alerts notify employees to expect inclement weather and prepare accordingly for an orange alert.
  • Orange alerts notify employees that current conditions could disrupt regular Medical Center operations and employees may need to stay past their shift to meet necessary staffing requirements.

For additional weather resources visit at https://www.vumc.org/safety/links/severe-weather-safety.