Nancy Humphrey

A Children’s Hospital parking valet taught himself origami art so he could share it with children. For one little boy, that simple gesture means everything.

Coming in for treatment is hard for 5-year-old Ollie Faircloth, but seeing valet Mohamed Elshami brings a smile every time. Ollie calls Mohamed his friend. Mohamed calls Ollie his hero.

Jonathan Dow’s simple gestures, compassion go a long way to help families

“His calmness and kindness helps create a culture of encouragement with everyone he comes in contact with.”

Cancer fight personal for VICC Ambassadors chair

Cancer made itself known to Ashley Larcinese in 2004 for the first time — when she was earning a graduate degree in information technology from Belmont University and was introduced to Nashville entrepreneur Sonny Clark, the mentor who took her under his wing and helped launch her career. He was fighting leukemia at the time.

New center formed to treat, study ICU delirium, dementia

Millions of patients in intensive care units each year develop delirium during their hospitalization and often leave the hospital with cognitive deficits similar to those suffering from traumatic brain injury or mild Alzheimer’s disease.

VUMC’s Undiagnosed Diseases Network site gains NIH renewal

Children’s Hospital pharmacy technician Delveen Said keeps focus on caring for families

“We don’t know what our customers are going through. It’s my job to have the very best attitude that I can for them.”

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