American Red Cross

Pies in the face mark the end of the first round of blood donation challenge. Your donation may determine who gets the next pie.

Shon Dwyer smooshed a pie into the face of Tom Nantais. Mary Pawlikowski smooshed a pie into the face of Meg Rush. Who’s next?

Blood is critical for the treatment of young cancer patients; Red Cross blood drives offer an opportunity to help

As severe blood shortages continue, mothers and babies are counting on donors

Family knows firsthand the critical need for blood donations

Vanderbilt cancer patient Brody Cramer knows all too well how crucial blood donations are. Since he was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year he has needed 23 units of red blood cells and 16 units of platelets.

Treating children with cancer requires a strong blood supply; donations critically needed

Treating severe trauma requires a robust blood supply; VUMC employees and public urged to donate blood now