“I will always remember her. I can’t imagine a more compassionate individual,” and other DAISY Award-winning examples of extraordinary nurses

DAISY Awards are given to great nurses all over the United States and in many other countries. Here are VUMC’s latest winners.

Random acts of kindness and team building put pediatric nurse anesthetist Caroline Campbell in the spotlight with Credo Award

“When people are feeling down, I want to do something to make everyone feel better.”

Even on a Zoom call, Christi Gray’s friend Erica Luhrs could tell she was sick. After life-saving treatment, Gray returned to SICU to thank the people who cared for her.

A week in intensive care later, Gray is back at work and doing well. Her message: Listen to your body and practice self-care.

Philadelphia Eagles pick VUMC resident to sing national anthem before game

The lifelong Eagles fan closed “The Star-Spangled Banner” with a big smile and the exhortation “Go, Birds!”

Damage, disruption, delirium

New findings suggest that treatments that decrease oxidative damage might help with postoperative delirium that occurs in up to 30% of cardiac surgery patients.

VUMC uses computerized mannequins to teach proper technique for caring for COVID patients

Teaching and learning a vital skill while staying safe

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