Carmen Solorzano

A probe-based system developed by a team at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center uses near-infrared autofluorescence to confirm the location of parathyroid tissue during surgery.

Study shows Vanderbilt-developed technology assists surgeons in identifying parathyroids

A team of surgeons and biomedical engineers have shown the use of probe-based near infrared autofluorescence technology helps confirm the identification of parathyroid glands during endocrine surgery

Sister surgeons share a winding road that led to VUMC

From Canada to Florida to VUMC, the “Gillaspie Girls” are building careers after “falling in love with surgery.”

VUMC’s Solórzano elected president-elect of AAES

Vanderbilt’s Carmen Solórzano, MD, has been elected president-elect of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons.

Shumway Lecture

Ashish Shah, MD, chair of Cardiac Surgery, Carmen Solórzano, MD, chair of Surgery, and Seth Karp, MD, chair of the Section of Surgical Sciences and director of the Vanderbilt Transplant Center, welcome Sara Shumway, MD, (second from left), prior to her delivering the 2022 Shumway Lecture in Transplantation at Vanderbilt.

Carmen Solórzano, MD, left, Emmanuel Mannoh, Giju Thomas, PhD, Naira Baregamian, MD, and colleagues are testing a device to assist in locating parathyroid glands during surgery.

Clinical trial tests device that detects parathyroid glands

Vanderbilt is testing a device to assist in locating parathyroid glands during surgery.

Solórzano named chair of Department of Surgery

Carmen Solórzano, MD, professor of Surgery and chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery, has been named chair of Vanderbilt’s Department of Surgery.