Credo Award

Kelley Colvin is passionate about finding employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. Under his leadership, VUMC has become a model for success.  

“His dedication and time have resulted in, and will continue to result in, employment opportunities for adults with disabilities at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.”

A cyber-attack caused a worldwide outage to a major payroll system. A VUMC response team made sure employees could still be paid.

“What’s amazing about VUMC is our ability to pull together and collaborate across teams and really to respond to an incident or an emergency situation.”

Jennifer Emery is used to celebrating patients’ successes in physical therapy. This time, she’s the one being celebrated as a Credo Award winner.

“It’s such an honor. You work hard every single day and live by the Credo behaviors — to be recognized for that feels really good.”

Kristen Kerkhove aims to ease the transition home for palliative care patients

“My goal is to make sure our patients have everything they need when they leave the hospital so they can spend their time focusing on what’s important to them.”

Jenny Leigh sets out each day to make a difference for her fellow nurses

Leigh, a nursing education specialist, provides educational support for more than 400 staff members in the NICU

With a “give-it-your all attitude,” Heather Winters is devoted to helping children reach their full potential

As a pediatric occupational therapist, Winters is always thinking how she can better serve the children she encounters each day.

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