Credo Award

Chris Terry gets satisfaction from solving patients’ barriers to care long before they become real problems

“Chris’s dedication not only kept the patient from having a potentially bad outcome, but also demonstrates the type of customer service our patients should expect from VUMC.”

Laresa Jackson’s coworkers are so sorry she won a Credo Award. (Not really)

Public recognition is not her thing. But she’s always reminding her staff of the difference they make.

Grace Cronin, known as “Miss Grace,” by patients and families, just earned a Credo Award for her ability to ease concerns and willingness to help out wherever possible.

“She is a positive influence to all who meet her, and it is a privilege to know such a wonderful physical therapist.”

Driven by passion and persistence, Kim Arnold goes above and beyond to help patients

“Her service and love for our patients translates directly with her quality of work.”

In his first six months at Vanderbilt’s Dayani Center, Eric Jarvis maneuvered a car crash, a tornado and a pandemic.

Through it all, his leadership has been a steadying influence for his 60-member team

Sharlinda Robertson has a way with toddlers having tantrums. And everybody else, too.

Her small acts of kindness earned her a Credo Award

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