Elizabeth B. Lamb Center for Pediatric Research

Keep your coat on, virus!

A compound acting on serotonin receptors delays a critical step during reovirus cell entry, reducing viral infectivity.

Contributors to coronavirus ‘fitness’

Understanding the role that host membrane modification plays in coronavirus replication is essential for developing novel approaches to block the viruses that cause SARS and MERS.

Neural receptor for reovirus

A newly identified receptor allows mammalian reovirus to infect neurons, shedding light on factors important for viral encephalitis.

Target cell entry to halt Chikungunya virus

Understanding how chikungunya virus binds to and enters cells offers a new target for antiviral medications.

‘Proofreader’ key to coronavirus growth

A coronavirus protein is required for replication of the viral genome and may be a good treatment target for SARS and other diseases caused by coronaviruses.

Breast milk blocks virus binding

Components of human breast milk help ward off viral infection, a new study shows.