Immune cells’ role in hypertension

Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that certain immune cells contribute to the development of hypertension, suggesting novel targets for treating the disease.

Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic receives national comprehension designation

Study tracks skin salt’s role in blood pressure control

Clinical pharmacologist Jens Titze, M.D., and his colleagues have identified a new cast of cells and molecules that function in the skin to control sodium balance and blood pressure.

Laffer named director of Hypertension Service

Cheryl Laffer, M.D., PhD., professor of Medicine, is the new director of the Hypertension Service within the Division of Clinical Pharmacology.

Better blood pressure-reducing drugs?

A newer version of an old class of blood pressure lowering drugs may offer advantages for obese patients with metabolic syndrome.

Combo combats dizziness

Some patients may need a combo of medications to combat a condition that causes dizziness.

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