IT Transformation Initiative

Concur opens Tuesday for most employee reimbursements

Concur, the online expense system, opens Tuesday for most types of employee reimbursements. The expense system will be disabled on Monday, but travel arrangements may still be made.

Concur open for most employee reimbursements on March 11

The new expense reporting system, Concur, will accept most employee reimbursements as of March 11.

Concur no longer just for travel expenses

Later this winter, employees will be able to use Concur for any type of employee reimbursement for business-related expenses, not just travel.

VU rolls out new business travel, expense system

Vanderbilt’s ubiquitous green travel forms will go the way of eight-track tapes when the new travel system rolls out across the institution.

Getting ready to use the new travel system: Step 2 — Complete your personal profile

All Vanderbilt business travelers, travel assistants and expense report delegates must complete profiles in the new travel system online.

Getting ready for the new travel system: Step 1 – Access training

Training is now available for the new Vanderbilt travel system, which will go live July 30.