Reporter March 15 2019

Inaugural SCRIPS symposium set for March 21

The inaugural SCRIPS symposium — Supporting Careers in Research for Interventional Physicians and Surgeons — will be held from 1-4 p.m. March 21 in 202 Light Hall.

New way to stimulate learning?

Vagus nerve stimulation could be beneficial for treating Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive impairment, Vanderbilt research findings suggest.

Correctly copying DNA

A precise understanding of how the enzyme topoisomerase II cuts DNA could lead to better anti-cancer therapies.

Exploring the brain’s white matter

New comprehensive functional MRI measurements point to the need to update models for assessing brain white matter activity and physiology.

Reprogramming cells for kidney repair

Using gene transfer technologies to reprogram adult human kidney cells could lead to novel therapies for chronic kidney disease.

The United Voices of Vanderbilt Choir got the audience into the spirit at last week’s Celebrate the Difference WE Make Every Day!

Medical Center employees celebrated at festive event

There were inspirational songs from the United Voices of Vanderbilt Choir, a rollicking rock band, a roll call of achievements and heartfelt stories shared by grateful patients and their families during Celebrate the Difference WE Make Every Day! 2019, an appreciation event to honor all Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees.

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