Reporter May 10 2013

Inner ear’s role in bone remodeling

The inner ear system that senses gravity and movement plays a role in bone remodeling – a finding that has clinical implications for space travel and for patients with inner ear disorders.

Salt revs stomach bug’s cancer impact

A high-salt diet worsens the carcinogenic effects of Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that colonizes the stomachs of half of the world’s population.

Profiling heart cells

A “profile” of the genes and regulatory networks that govern early heart valve development lay the groundwork for generating valves from a patient’s own cells.

Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D.

Rounds: A message from the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

As many of you know, I have spent the majority of my life at Vanderbilt. I have been a student, a faculty member, and for more than a decade have served as an administrative leader.

TB skin testing resumes for VU faculty, staff

Routine TB skin testing, offered through Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Occupational Health Clinic, has resumed, effective immediately.

Photo: Commencement ready

Today’s schedule:

9 a.m. — University-wide Commencement, Alumni Lawn (Memorial Gym in event of rain)
10:30 a.m. — Graduate School, Library Lawn
10:45 a.m. — School of Nursing, Branscomb Quadrangle
11 a.m. — School of Medicine, Langford Auditorium

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