Reporter Sept 26 2014

red laser beam

Optical imaging in drug therapy screens

A non-invasive imaging tool could test potential cancer therapies quickly to personalize therapy for patients.

brain and lightning

Seizure mutation impairs receptor

Defects in the production of certain receptors are linked to the pathogenesis of genetic epilepsies and fever-induced seizures.

Biomarker for diabetic eye disease

A person’s mitochondrial gene “signature” could predict risk for diabetic retinopathy and guide early intervention strategies.

A path to sarcoidosis treatment

Vanderbilt investigators identify a new therapeutic target for the inflammatory lung disease sarcoidosis.

VUMC well positioned to move forward: Balser

Elevate town hall series kicks off Sept. 30

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 30, members of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s leadership team will hold a series of 45-minute town hall presentations that all faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

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