Vanderbilt-led team discovers new genetic disease and defines underlying mechanism

An international research team has discovered a new genetic syndrome caused by mutation of a single gene and named it CATIFA, an acronym for its core symptoms.

Zebrafish aid effort to regenerate damaged retinas

According to a new study, the tiny zebrafish may hold the secret to regenerating damaged retinas in humans.

Study merges big data and zebrafish biology to reveal mechanisms of human disease

In a series of studies that volleyed between large databases and research in zebrafish, Vanderbilt investigators have discovered a link between vascular biology and eye disease.


A cataract-heart connection

Studies of alpha-B crystallin in zebrafish could ultimately lead to improved treatment for cataracts and heart disease.

Fat hormone’s role in zebrafish

The hormone leptin regulates glucose balance, but not fat stores, in zebrafish.

In a zebrafish’s eye

Vanderbilt investigators demonstrate that a certain eye lens protein is evolutionarily conserved between zebrafish and rat, suggesting that zebrafish can be used as a model system to understand eye lens disorders such as cataracts.

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