Department of Biostatistics

Automated algorithm predicts risk of blood clots in hospitalized patients

This new entry to the field works in the background to provide real-time risk assessments, with no manual inputs from health care providers required.

Fei Ye, PhD, MSPH

Fei Ye selected as a fellow of the American Statistical Association

Fei Ye is the first woman among VUMC’s Biostatistics faculty to be selected as an ASA fellow. She’ll be among 47 new ASA fellows inducted in August at the Joint Statistical Meetings.

The big sort 

A new interactive tool presents information on noncoding RNA in extracellular vesicles — agents of cell-cell communication that may have a future in medical diagnosis and therapeutics.

Illustration of clinicians and biostatisticians working collaboratively on research

Unsung Zeros: How biostatistics advances personalized health in the era of smart data

VUMC is acrawl with statistical design, bias detection and analysis that’s recognized with $532 million in federal and nonfederal research support.

Benjamin French joins U.S. radiation council

Benjamin French, PhD, professor of Biostatistics and director of graduate studies for the department, has been elected to the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.

Data haul improves immunotherapy response prediction

Vanderbilt biostatisticians have developed an immunotherapy response model that outperforms existing predictive models.

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