During NFL Draft weekend, a mass shooting occurred in Nashville. Vanderbilt responded beautifully to care for patients.

At 2 a.m. Sunday, six gunshot patients poured into the Vanderbilt ER. It was the fourth mass shooting seen there in the past 15 months.

LifeFlight’s Michelle Brazil, RN, EMT, left, and Jill Hazelwood, CCP, work with the Haiku app to view patients’ medical records.

LifeFlight enhances in-flight patient care with Haiku app

Vanderbilt LifeFlight is known for transporting critically injured patients to Vanderbilt University Medical Center while providing emergency care with little to no medical information about its patients.

Longtime Children’s Hospital chaplain Raye Nell Dyer returns to serve at LifeFlight

She joins a small cadre of other flight chaplains in the U.S.

McCoy named chief flight nurse at Humboldt base

Rita McCoy, RN, EMT, a veteran flight nurse from West Tennessee, has been named base manager and chief flight nurse for Vanderbilt LifeFlight’s Gibson County base in Humboldt, Tennessee.

LifeFlight first in state to offer ECMO transport via helicopter

Vanderbilt LifeFlight is part of an elite group of air ambulance services across the country that offer emergency transport of critically ill patients who are on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), and it is the first helicopter program in Tennessee to offer this highly skilled, specialized transport.

An approaching hurricane. A critically ill baby. A Vanderbilt team flies in to help.

“The mother was so grateful that we were able to get her baby to a safe place.”

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