Leigh MacMillan

skin cross section

Give me some skin

A new understanding of the biochemical pathway that builds our skin barrier could lead to treatments for skin diseases.

Pregnant tummy and clock

Dad’s diet influences birth timing

It may be possible to prevent preterm birth by modifying the father’s diet before a baby’s conception.

Brain power

Protecting brainpower during radiation

Blocking a certain protein during radiation to treat brain cancers could protect the brain’s thinking powers.


Antioxidant genes keep stomach moving

Antioxidant genes may be good targets for treating a stomach disorder that affects up to 40 percent of patients with diabetes.

Fine-tuned protein makes memories

Researchers discover new wrinkles in how proteins build memories.

Heart illustration thumbnail

Gene ups risk for needing pacemaker

Researchers have identified a gene that increases the risk for developing sick sinus syndrome – the most common cause for implanting a cardiac pacemaker.

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