Wayne Wood

No matter the situation, Jessica Stroh always finds the right way to show people she cares

“Jessica is an exceptional nurse and one of those people who brings humor and light at just the right moment. This could be to a patient with a difficult diagnosis, a new staff member who is overwhelmed, or a colleague having a tough day.”

Box migration to begin in December

There is a reminder, hiding in plain sight in the architecture of Medical Center North, of how VUMC dealt with a deadly infectious disease almost 100 years ago

An open-air porch for tuberculosis patients was built into the old Vanderbilt Hospital — and it’s still visible if you know where to look

Chill Out gives out 10,000 ice cream treats, 10,000 smiles

A tough decision: cookies and cream cone, orange sherbet pop up, chocolate crunch bar, strawberry crunch bar, or an ice cream sandwich

VUMC Photography Group

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Photography Group — what you need to know

Enjoy burgers? Better use tick repellent.

The lone star tick continues to be common across a wide swath of this region, and a bite can give you an allergy to red meat.

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