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Author: Wayne Wood

Vanderbilt allergist offers tips to deal with changeable winter weather

Jan. 22, 2014—Five tips to help you — and your nose — survive crazy weather changes.

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Traveling exhibit traces medicine in Washington’s time

Jan. 9, 2014—A National Library of Medicine traveling exhibit, “George Washington and Medicine,” is on display in the History of Medicine Room at the Annette and Irwin Eskind Biomedical Library at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Vanderbilt ophthalmologist warns about dangers of champagne corks

Dec. 30, 2013—In the holiday movie classic “A Christmas Story,” every adult in young Ralphie’s life has one warning about his desired present, a BB gun: “Careful or you’ll shoot your eye out.” Vanderbilt eye doctors have a similar caution for adults who are planning to be popping champagne corks on New Year’s Eve. “Eye injuries from...

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“Between Hallmark and heartache”: Vanderbilt psychiatrist offers tips for how to have a pretty good Christmas

Dec. 19, 2013—During the holidays, the goal should be to set the course somewhere “between Hallmark and heartache,” a Vanderbilt psychiatrist says. In other words, don’t strive for the perfect (you won’t achieve it), and recognize and deal head-on with some of the stressors of the season. Judith Akin, M.D., assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at Vanderbilt...

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Routine TB testing to resume Dec. 16

Dec. 12, 2013—Routine tuberculosis (TB) skin testing for Vanderbilt staff and faculty will resume Monday, Dec. 16, after temporarily being suspended since September due to a national shortage of the TB skin testing solution Tubersol.

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Vanderbilt dietitian offers tips to prevent holiday weight gain

Dec. 4, 2013—Between family get-togethers, holiday parties and the abundance of special treats available during the holidays, it can be a real challenge to avoid putting on a few pounds. “It’s a good idea to eat in a healthy way all year round, but for a lot of people it’s especially challenging during the holidays,” said Jessica...

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Vanderbilt dietitian offers tips to prevent Thanksgiving foodborne illnesses

Nov. 25, 2013—Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, to be with family and friends and to enjoy good food. A Vanderbilt dietitian says that making sure the food you serve is prepared and stored properly can ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy experience. “,” says Vanderbilt University Medical Center dietitian and certified personal trainer...

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Vanderbilt allergist offers tips for coping with fall allergies

Oct. 30, 2013—John Fahrenholz, says that this time of year can be a real challenge for people with allergies—and for the rest of us, too.

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Vanderbilt lands American Heart Association award

Sep. 19, 2013—For the sixth consecutive year, Vanderbilt was recently recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA) with its Platinum Level Fit-friendly Worksite Award.

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Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine expert offers five survival rules for teen drivers

Sep. 9, 2013—Anyone familiar with the devastating statistics knows that inexperience plus a driver’s license can be a dangerous combination. For teen drivers, lives can be forever changed in an instant. Corey Slovis, M.D., professor and chair of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt, has been an emergency medicine physician for more than two decades and is tired of...

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Sarcoidosis research finds promising oral therapy

Sep. 5, 2013—VUMC researchers have reported promising results in using oral antimycobacterial therapy to treat chronic cutaneous sarcoidosis, considered by clinicians a difficult illness to effectively control.

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VU lands healthy employer award

Aug. 29, 2013—Vanderbilt has again been named the winner of The Nashville Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers Award for the 500+ Employees Group.

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