A novel astrocyte cell in the retina: study

A full understanding of retinal cell types and their functions could point to novel therapeutic targets for diseases that affect the visual system, such as glaucoma — a leading cause of blindness for people over age 60.

Kristin O’Grady, PhD, in the 3T MRI suite at Vanderbilt University Hospital. (photo by Susan Urmy)

Kristin O’Grady receives $2.4 million for multiple sclerosis imaging studies

The awards will support O’Grady’s application of structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging to better understand symptoms and track MS progression in the lower spinal cord.

Daniel Brown, MD

Daniel Brown named chair of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Daniel Brown, MD, professor and interim chair of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, has been named as the department’s next chair. His appointment is effective immediately.

Study seeks to evaluate military exposures on veterans’ lung cancer risk 

A prospective cohort of veterans including those with military toxic exposures, such as burn pits, will be screened annually with low-dose chest CT to detect lung cancer and other disease early.

Innovations improve the lives of patients with IBD

Two recent innovations — point-of-care intestinal ultrasound and functional medicine — are improving the lives of patients at the Vanderbilt Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic at Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks.

An array of ultrasound transducers covering the head focuses an ultrasound beam to a location deep in the brain associated with pain perception (bright spot). (illustration by Thomas Manuel, PhD)

Nonaddictive pain relief system nears clinical trials

Researchers in the Vanderbilt are nearing completion of an ingenious undertaking that may be a highpoint of their careers — a non-addictive alternative for relieving chronic pain.

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