What happens when musicians lose their hearing? Many find their way to VUMC’s Katie Berg — a scientist, a clinician — and a musician.

Cochlear implants can restore the ability to hear speech, but not music. In the heart of Music City, Katie Berg helps fit cochlear implants tuned specially for the needs of musicians.

Study finds more pleasant-sounding medical device alarms could reduce annoyance without compromising effectiveness

A new study found that making medical device alarms more musical can significantly reduce perceived annoyance without negatively impacting the ability of research participants to learn and remember the alarms.

Neurology’s Bruce Ayers brings his love of music to the world as the founder of Nashville African American Wind Symphony

My grandmother would say, ‘Boy, stop banging on that piano.’ And my grandfather would say, ‘Let him keep playing, this might turn into something for him.’

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt 20th birthday celebration kicks off with performance from employee musician Darnell Clay

Clay is a familiar face around Monroe Carell. As a Nutrition Services team member, he delivers food trays to patients. Few were aware of his love of music.

Music therapist Tori Langham, MT-BC, works with patient Kevin Keach in the adult Palliative Care unit. (photo by Susan Urmy)

Music therapy program now offered to patients on three additional units at VUH

Following a successful pilot program, music therapy is now being offered to patients on three additional units at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

The man at the music festival had been beaten unconscious. Medical assistant Chase Brown may have saved his life.

“If that was my little brother or one of my friends, I would hope someone would help them.”

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