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Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for children; how to know you’re using a car seat safely

“The misuse rate in car seats in Tennessee was almost 87% in 2020.”

Children and backpacks: lighten up their heavy load

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt offers backpack safety tips


Stay focused on safety this 4th of July

Fireworks can cause serious damage to hands and eyes. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself, and your children, safe.

Advice to prevent ATV accidents

A teenage girl was riding on an ATV without a helmet when it flipped five times. She is lucky to be alive, and her mother has a warning for parents.

Safety experts liken helmet use to seat belt-wearing practice

Water safety for kids

Getting back in the pool this summer? Children’s Hospital has some tips on how to take to the water safely.

Number one lesson: drowning doesn’t look like you think it does

Children’s Hospital urges sledding safety

Whizzing along on snow and ice is fun, but be careful

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