Patient Spotlight

That piano music coming from the chapel? It’s a 16-year-old patient at the baby grand

The first chance he got to leave his hospital room, Gabe Gingerich made his way to the keyboard

Kenneth Reynolds weighed 780 lbs., and his body was shutting down. Vanderbilt Weight Loss Center gave him back his life.

Coming up: going fishing with his grandchildren

A mysterious heart ailment almost killed Kevin Moore. It took a Vanderbilt team to pull him through.

“I think Kevin’s story really shows that if you can get people through that early sick period with the best management, the patient can do very well.”

VUMC nurse Kendra Kilgore received a liver transplant as a teenager. Then her teenage daughter needed one, too.

Kendra’s experince helped her daughter Carissa: “I was able to explain to her from a first-hand view what it was like, not as a nurse, but as someone who went through it.”

Mervyn Joseph traveled from South Africa to receive his lung transplant at Vanderbilt.

Patient journeys from South Africa for lung transplant

Mervyn Joseph, who searched the world over for the best place to be considered for lung transplant, is thankful he found Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

A story of family and faith: Jennifer received a kidney transplant. The donor was Capri, who is married to Dennis. Jennifer is Dennis’ ex-wife. It’s complicated.

The extended family has grown closer as a result of Capri’s generosity. She says her faith led her to the decision.

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