Patient Spotlight

The little boy was in the swimming pool, not breathing. Thanks to CPR, first responders and LifeFlight, he is fine.

It should have been a joyous day. It almost turned tragic.

Jeremy Kerr, left, and his son Tyler, right, pose with Sam McKenna, MD, DDS, who performed corrective jaw surgery to repair their underbites and crossbites.

Father, son benefit from jaw reconstruction guided by 3D virtual planning

Marcus Trammell almost died on his way to pick up some pandemic takeout. A year later, his amazing rehab journey continues.

The long way back from the turn lane in front of Dino’s Bar and Grill

William Nolan and Cassie Rooke were treated at VUMC after being injured in a windstorm last year.

Couple takes on recovery together after storm injuries

On a beautiful Sunday in May 2020, Cassie Rooke and William Nolan decided to go on a hike at their usual spot in Percy Warner Park.

Afternoon with a big leaguer

In 1985, former Negro leagues pitcher Frank McAllister was a patient at Vanderbilt Hospital and spent some time talking baseball with VUMC fans. Now the official records acknowledge what has been true all along: he was a big leaguer.

Tears of joy, tears of sorrow — College sweethearts, a COVID unit wedding, and a love story that ended too soon

The inside story of how VUMC’s COVID unit staff pulled together to arrange a wedding, and a reminder that not every love story has a happy ending

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