research videos

Video: “Debating Obama’s Health Care Reform”

Health care business leaders and experts tackle hot button issues in health care as Vanderbilt hosts the Health Care Business Alliance. Watch the Oct. 2 panel discussion.

Video: Galileo night at Dyer Observatory

Watch video of an April 4 talk by Professor of Astronomy David Weintraub, part of “100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project.”

Video: Baby Einsteins Everywhere – Young Children and Video

Watch video of a talk by Georgene Troseth, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, Peabody College.

Video: How the brain thinks about crime and punishment

Video: Bill Frist at the Health Care Business Alliance

Watch video of Bill Frist speaking at the inaugural Health Care Business Alliance hosted by the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management.

Video: Forum on pediatric obesity

Watch video of an Oct. 15 forum on pediatric obesity, “Developing Unique Partnerships to Halt the Epidemic.”

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